Introduction to Molalla's Self Guided Tours

by Gail McCormick

Welcome to the Self Guided Tours of Molalla's Historic Buildings.  Thanks to Gail McCormick for taking the time to find, research, and document these wonderful buildings.


This page is organized in several groups by location.  You are invited to talk a walk and check out these heritage sites.


For a compiled listing of Molalla's Historic Buildings, click HERE.

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  1. West Main Street Group
  2. East Main Street Group
  3. North Molalla Avenue Group
  4. South Molalla Avenue Group
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Clackamas County Landmarks


For a greater historical deep dive, check out the amazing stories of the people, buildings, and companies of Molalla!



The map below can help you to discover the location of these historic buildings.  Click on a marker to see more information, and the control in the upper left corner for a grouping of tours.

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