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2015 has seen a new exhibit for the MAHS:  A recreation of an 1890's school room.

The school room is an art project by MAHS member Victoria Knight.  Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Oregon State University, she had a vision to recreate this iconic scene.


The school room includes a 1890-era wooden desks sized for younger students in grade school; a real blackboard from that era; maps once used in old schoolrooms and an old schoolroom clock. The entire exhibit contains antiques from the Clackamas County area.

The exhibit is housed appropriately in the Ivor Davies Hall at the MAHS complex.  The hall, itself, is constructed from many of the artifacts from the old Molalla High School, damaged in an earthquake.  The entire exhibit contains a hundred years of artifacts and history from 1840 through 1950.


MAHS thanks the private donors for the generous gifts  and talents in making this exhibit a reality.

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