The Fred M. & Nellie Henriksen House #1



524 South Molalla Avenue

1927 - 1955

By Gail J. McCormick

The Fred M. & Nellie Henriksen House #1 is located at 524 South Molalla Avenue in Molalla, Oregon.  The architecture is Tudor and English Cottage Style.  It is a very large house with a fancy brick arched front entry and decorative motifs in the front gable end.  It has multiple windows and a steeply pitched roof.  It is built of brick with a stucco finish.  Later residents were William and Nina Orcutt, who operated the Orcutt Drug Company Store.  Also, Doctor Dale Robinson once lived in the house.  He remodeled the basement into a chiropractic office.  The house is in excellent condition and is privately owned.


Fred M. Henriksen

Fred M. Henriksen was born in 1882, at Nebraska.  His parents were Christian and Mary Henriksen.  They were a farming family, who immigrated from Germany to America in 1872.  They settled in Dixon County, Nebraska.  Fred moved from Nebraska to Oregon in the early 1900s.  He first lived in Wasco, Oregon, where he worked as a bookkeeper for a brewery.  He married Nellie M. Coffelt in 1907.  Nellie's parents were James Monroe Coffelt and Samantha Ellen Liggett Coffelt.  Both parents were considered pioneers.  James was born in 1848, at Iowa.  In 1864, he crossed the plains from Iowa to Oregon.  Samantha was also born in Iowa, in 1848.  In 1865, she crossed the plains to California and in 1871, she moved to Oregon.  James and Samantha married in 1873 and, soon thereafter, they moved to Lebanon, Oregon.  There they spent the rest of their lives.


The Hardware Store

Fred and Nellie moved to Molalla around July of 1913.  That same year they opened a hardware and implement store.  The business was called the F. M. Henriksen Hardware and Implements Store.    Fred first purchased the implement department from the Robbins Bros. Store.  He built a 50' by 64' building on the corner of South Molalla Avenue and East Second Street, where Lam’s Chinese Kitchen is now located.  His store became very popular for its "high grade line of shelf and heavy hardware".  His stock included "builder's tools, stoves, paints, farm and garden tools, plumbing goods, implements, vehicles and so on".  Included were "Studebaker Wagons and Buggies, DeLaval Cream Separators, the International line of gas engines and harvesting machinery".  They also handled the newly famous plow made by the Oliver Chilled Plow Works and Bain Wagons, who laid claim to being the “wheels that won the West”. 


Fred and Nellie had two children: a daughter, Essie and a son, Marvin.  Fred and Nellie were very active in the community.  Fred was on the Buckeroo Rodeo Board of Directors and served as President of the Molalla Buckeroo in 1938.  He also was one of the directors of the Commercial Club and a City Councilman.  Fred died in 1955, at Clackamas County, Oregon.  Nellie died in 1959, at Marion County, Oregon.  For more information on the Henriksens, please see the Fred M. & Nellie Henriksen House #2 in the MISC/STREETS PLACES GROUP.



Photo #1:  The Fred M. & Nellie Henriksen House #1 is located at 524 South Molalla Avenue in Molalla.  The architecture of this very large house is Tudor and English Cottage Style.  It is privately owned.  Photo is from the author’s collection, 2019.


Photo #2:  Fred M. Henriksen was President of the Molalla Buckeroo Association in 1938.  Photo courtesy of the Molalla Area Historical Society.


Photo #3:  F. M. Henriksen Hardware and Implements was located on the southeast corner of South Molalla Avenue and East Second Street, where Lam’s Chinese Kitchen is located today.  Fred had a very successful store due to his large stock of goods.  Photo from the Enterprise Courier, 1914 Anniversary Edition.



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