The Eby School - Class Photos

From the class of 1913 to the last class of 1962, here are as many photos that we can find, along with as many names we can muster.  If you can add and share to this project, please let us know!

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1909 - first year

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Need photo!  Look in your archives for us.


Eby School 1912

Teacher:  Harry Sherwood


Front Row L-R:  Elmer Kister, Raymond Zimmer, Clyde Eby, Glen Hilton, Richard Rothenberg, Ervin Nofziger, George Hepler, John Stutz, Ivan Hilton, Louie Nofziger, Frank Bradbury Harvey Nofziger


2nd Row:  Amelia Bestul, Blanche Moshberger, Lena Goertzen, Nora Dworschak, Lena Walch, Florence Hepler, Freda Dworschak, Emma Stutz, Charlotte Liebig, Kermit Bestul, Earl Goertzen, Earl Dworschak, Jessie Nofziger


3rd Row:  Clara Walch, Sarah Walch Kathryn Nofziger, Agnes Kister, Augusta Rothenberg

Top row:  Christina Nofziger, Daisy Stege, Anna Hepler, Mary Stutz,  Ruby Wolfer, Elizabeth Goertzen, Hazel Moshberger, Anna Rothenberg, Katie Stutz   Teacher:  Harry Sherwood

Eby School 1913

Teacher(s):  Mabel  Van Vleet & Jessie Bachman


Front Row L-R  Maude Hepler, Florence Hepler, Leona Palmer, Delphia Wolfer, Myrtle Bestul, Mabel Eby, Onita Palmer, Nora Dworschak, Charlotte Liebig, Fred Dworschak, Emil Walch, Frank Prietzel, Ada Walch, Richard Rothenbberg, Elmer Kister, Ivan Hilton, Kermit Bestul, Clyde Eby, Raymond Zimmer


Middle Row:  Lena Goertzen, Glen Hilton, Christina Nofziger, Agnes Kister, Helen Rothenberg, Amelia Bestul, Clara Walch, Emma Stutz, Lena Walch, George Hepler, Sarah Walch, Louie Nofziger, Glen Hepler, Harvey Nofziger


Top Row:  Jessie Bachman, Teacher, Lydia Wolfer (teachers friend), Katie Stutz, Anna Hepler, Elizabeth Goertzen, Daisy Stege, Ruby Wolfer, Jesse Nofziger, Earl Dworschak, Frank Bradbury, Earl Goertzen  (photo courtesy Earl Dworschak)

Eby School 1914

Teacher:  Helia Week



Front Row L-R    1.                  2.  Nora Dworschak   3      4          5         6        7       8            9       10        11      12      13


Teacher – front right:


2nd Row:       1                 2               3                4                  5                  6               7                 8              9


4th Row:      1                  2  Elmer Kister              3


Top Row:      1..             2.  Agnes Kister    3                 4                   5    Freda Dworschak      6             7            8  9          10


   Teacher: Iola Day (Walch)


Front Row:    Marlin Burley  2.                      3. Virginia Kister  4                   5                6                    Gladys Harding  8


2nd Row:  John Morris, Jonas Morris,  Vernon Burley,  Henry Hepler,  Grace Schrock   6               7                  Mabel Kister


3rd Row:  Julia Vincinzi    2                  Alice Kister  Iva Schrock,    5.                  Clifford Walch       7.


Top Row:  1.             Esther Kister   Clara Schrock  4.                  5                 6.                   7.                  Teacher:  Iola Day


Photo courtest collection of Marlin Burley



Teacher:  Helena Estadillo



Front Row:  Norman Anderson, Gene Anderson, John Burley, Lawrence Walch, Marlin Burley


Middle Row:  Vernon Burley, Jonas Morse, Oliver Burley  4                     Alice Vincinzi Virginia Kister   7.              /Aileen Kister                9                 10          Winifred Hepler  12                13                  14                      15                    John Morse


Top Row:   Julia Vincinzi, Grace Schrock, Edith Etzel, Mabel Kister, Henry Hepler, Myron Hepler, Clifford Walch

 Alice Kister, Gladys Harding, TEACHER; Helena Estadillo, 11. (unknown)


Photo courtesy John Burley



Teacher:  Leona Waldo



Back Row:   1.              Edith Etzel, Mable Kister  4.            ?  Hepler   TEACHER:  Leona Waldo,  Grace Schrock, 8                  Henry  Hepler,  Myron  Hepler  11.                  Clifford Walch


Middle Row:  Marlin Burley,  Jonas Morse,  Alice Vincinzi,  4.                   5.                    Letha Nofziger,  Helen Anderson  Eveline Nofziger,  Ora Mae ?,  Aileen Kister,  11.                  Gladys Eby   13.                 Ruth Walch,  15.                16.


Front Row:  Vernon Burley,  Norman Anderson,  Gene Anderson,  Lawrence Walch   5.                    John Burley,  John Morris,  Oliver Burley


Photo courtesy John Burley


Teacher:  Unidentified


Back Row:   Virginia Kister,  Alice Vincinzi,  3.                   4.                   Mable Kister   6.                       Teacher:  Unidentified  8                     9                          Clifford Walch,  Henry Hepler,  12.


Middle Row:   John Morris,  Jonas Morris,  3.                   Letha Nofziger,  Eveline Nofziger    6.                  7.                8.

Winifred Hepler,  Helen Anderson,  Marjorie Morris,  12                  Ruth Walch,  Aileen Kister,  Vernon Burley, Marlin Burley, Oliver Burley


Front Row:  Lawrence Walch,  Gene Anderson,  Arthur Kister,  Bob Burley,  Leonard Noffziger,  Norman Anderson,  John Burley.


Photo courtesy Mike Burley from his Father, Marlin Burley's collection


Teacher:  Edna Kiesecker


Back Row:  Vernon Burley, Jonas Morris, John Morris,  Helen Anderson,  5                       TEACHER;  Edna Kiesecker,  7.                   Alice Vincinzi,  Virginia Kister,  Oliver Burley,  Marlin Burley,  Norman Anderson


Front Row:  Robert Burley, Arthur Kister,  Bruce Burley,  Ruth Walch,  Leonard Nofziger,  Winifred Hepler,  Lawrence Walch,  Letha Nofziger,  Marjorie Kale,  Deanna Hepler,  Evveline Nofziger,  Aileen Kister,  Marjorie Morris,  Gene Anderson,  John Burley

Photo courtesy Bruce (Ben) Burley


Teacher:  Edna Wood


Back Row:  Lawrence Walch, John Burley, Letha Nofziger, Eveline Nofziger, Aileen Kister, TEACHER Edna Wood, Helen Anderson Charlene Brown, Winefred Hepler, Norman Anderson, Marlin Burley, Oliver Burley


Front Row:  Gene Anderson, Robert Burley, Bruce Burley, Leonard Nofziger, Ruth Walch, Jean Brown, Orma Hepler, Arthur Kister, Delores Walch, Margaret Nofziger, Clarence Hepler, Merlin Schrock, Donna Lepinsky, Iola Morris, Marjorie Morris, Marjorie Hepler


Teacher:  Anna Yoder



Back Row:  Charlene Brown, Kathleen Brown, Eveline Nofziger, Nettie Zook, Letha Nofziger, Teacher:  Anna Yoder, Jean Brown, Helen Anderson, Aileen Kister, Gene Anderson, John Burley, Lawrence Walch, Norman Anderson, Bruce Burley


Front Row:  1.             Leonard Nofziger, Merlin Schrock, Virgil Nofziger, Arthur Kister, Robert Burley, Nelson Burley, 8               Margaret Nofziger,  10                  Iola Morris,  12                13                    ?  Zook,   Delores Walch, Marjorie Morris, Ruth Walch


Teacher:  Anna Yoder


Back Row:  Bruce Burley, Robert Burley, Leonard Nofziger, Merlin Schrock, Arthur Kister, Teacher:  Anna Yoder, Sarah Zook, Ruth Walch, Marjorie Morris, Eveline Nofziger


Front Row:  Maynard Nofziger, Esther Walch, Margaret Nofziger, Delores Walch, Lois Walch, Eileen Walch, Erma Zook, Margaret Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Nelson Burley, Lloyd Walch, Gordon Warner, Virgil Nofziger

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Teacher:  Anna Yoder


Back Row:  Sarah Zook, Ruth Walch, Delores Walch, Teacher:  Anna Yoder, Margaret Nofziger, Iola Morris, Maynard Nofziger, Nelson Burley, Bruce Burley


Front Row: Marilyn Anderson, Eileen Walch, Donna Kister, Margaret Anderson, Erma Zook, Esther Walch, Leo Zook, Lloyd Walch, Gordon Warner, Virgil Noffziger


Photo courtesy Bruce (Ben) Burley


Teacher:  Anna Yoder


Back Row:  Iola Morris, Lois Walch, Margaret Nofziger, Teacher: Anna Yoder, Delores Walch, Nelson Burley, Merlin Schrock, Bruce Burley


Middle Row:  Eileen Walch, Erma Zook, Barbara Walch, Lois Burley, Donna Kister, Margaret Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Esther Walch


Front Row:  Maynard Nofziger, Marlin Walch, Virgil Nofziger, Leo Zook, Lloyd Walch, Gordon Warner


Photo courtesy Margaret Anderson Branson

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Teacher:  Anna Yoder


Back Row:  Marilyn Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Erma Zook, Delores Walch, Teacher: Anna Yoder, Lois Walch, Esther Walch, Eileen Walch, Margaret Nofziger


Middle Row:  Gordon Warner, Nelson Burley, Merlin Schrock, lloyd Walch, Virgil Nofziger, Maynard Nofziger


Front Row:  Tom Warner, Leonard Walch, Ronald Nofziger, Jim Tapp, Marlin Walch, Leo Zook, Caroline Prietzel, Lois Burley, Donna Kister, Barbara Walch, Edna Tapp


Teacher:  Susan McCormick


Back Row:  Lois Burley, Gene Colbert, Barbara Walch, Phillip Hanson, Teacher:  Susan McCormick, Marjorie Colbert, Phyllis Colbert, Donna Kister, Marlin Walch


Front Row:  Donald Walch, Joyce Colbert, Caroline Prietzel, Leonard Walch, Naoma Walch, Marjorie Walch, Rogert Dworschak, Ethel Walch


Photo courtesy Lloyd Walch


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EBY  SCHOOL  1953-54


Teacher:  Ralph Hardy


Back Row:  Dennis Burley, David Hanson, Dwight Nofziter, Leland Nofziger, Donald Walch, Arnold Hanson

3rd Row:  Lois burley, Ronald Nofziger, Tom Warner, Roger Etzel, Marlin Walch, Larry Veelle, Barbara Walch

3rd Row:  Rollie Walch, Roger Dworschak, Clifford Veelle, Leonard Walch

Front Row:  Ethel Walch, Rosalie Burley, Marjorie Walch, Gloria Veelle, Caroline Prietzel, Sylvia Dworschak, Naoma Walch


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EBY  SCHOOL 1954 – 1955


Teacher(s)  Ralph Hardy, Bertha Hardy


Back Row:  Eddie Etzel, Roger Dworschak, Leland Nofziger, Ronald Nofziger, Tom Warner, Leonard Walch, Clifford Veelle, Donald Walch, Rollie Walch, Dwight Nofziger


Middle Row:  Sylvia Dworschak, Rosalie Burley, Gloria Veelle, Caroline Prietzel, Marjorie Walch, Elaine Roupp, Ethel Walch, Naoma Walch


Front Row:  Stanley Burley, Kenneth Roupp, Arnold Hanson, David Hanson


Photo courtesy Sylvia Dworschak



EBY  SCHOOL  1957 – 58


Teacher:  Faye Marshall


Back Row:  Naoma Walch, Marylee Johnson, Ethel Walch, Roger Dworschak, Rosalie Burley, Sylvia Dworschak, Teacher: Faye Marshall


Middle Row:  Donald Walch, David Hanson, Dwight Nofziger, Rollie Walch, Edie Etzel, Arnold Hanson, Dennis Burley, Leland Nofziger


Front Row:  Ronald Cowan, Stanley Burley, George Walch, Melody Hale, Arnold Burley, Mickey Hepler


EBY SCHOOL 1957 1958


Teacher:  Faye Marshall


Window Wall:  Rollie Walch, Eddie Etzel, Dennis Burley, Rosalie Burley, MaryLee Johnson


2nd Row:  David Hanson, Sylvia Dworschak, Naoma Walch, Arnold Hanson


3rd Row:  Arnold Burley, Mickey Hepler, George Walch, Ronald Cowan, Larry Walch


Front Row: Stanley Burley, Myrtle Dworschak, JoAnn Walch


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EBY  SCHOOL  1959-60


Teacher:  Miss Elsie Caldwell


Back Row:  Arnold Hanson, Eddie Etzel, Rollie Walch, Rosalie Burley, Marylee Johnson, Sylvia Dworschak, Teacher: Miss Elsie Caldwell


Middle Row: Larry Walch, David Hanson, Dennis Burley, Naoma Walch, George Walch, Arnold Burley


Front Row:  Tom  Hepler, Myrtle Dworschak, Colleen Walch, Ronald Cowan, Mickey Hepler, Stanley Burley, JoAnn Walch



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EBY  SCHOOL  1960 – 1961


Teacher:  Miss Elsie Caldwell


Window Wall:  David Hanson, Arnold Hanson, Arnold Burley, Stanley Burley


2nd Row:  Dennis Burley, Sylvia Dworschak, George Walch, Ronald Cowan


3rd Row:  Myrtle Dworschak, JoAnn Walch, Tom Hepler, Colleen Walch


Front row:  Mickey Hepler, Arnold Nofziger, Carol Walch


EBY  SCHOOL  1961- 1962



Teacher:  Mrs. Genevieve Jessup


Back Row:  Jeff Hepler, Tom Hepler, Ronald Cowan, Arnold Burley, George Walch, Larry Walch, Stanley Burley, Arnold Nofziger, David Cowan


Front Row:  Myrtle Dworschak, JoAnn Walch, Mickey Hepler, Coleen Walch, Carol Walch


Picture courtesy Sylvia Dworschak


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