2019 List of Significant Accomplishments


Thanks to the volunteer work from the members and friends of MAHS, 2019 was another successful year in both maintaining and in growing our historical past.  Check out our accomplishments in the list below!

  • Install welded screening to base of DH (Dave and Ed)
  • Plant clematis on apple tree brace- Dave
  • Cleared MUHS debris east of VDA house(donation from Wally Aho)


  • Donations of historic significant items, Robbins store items and Ina Dibble trunk, hammered dulcimer, and photos.
  • Oblack donation
  • Quilt- Jackson


  • Paint VDA SK – Itiels Thanks to Kinsman Foundation for $5000
  • Porches repaired on front VDA and DH Thanks to MCC for $


  • Brick walkways dug up thanks to many volunteers!
  • Concrete walkways _Thanks to CC TCA for $$, Ken and Nona Litch for the drawings, Titan Concrete
  • Fill in ditches around walkways, thanks to Steve, Carl and Shirley


  • Moved bound Molalla Pioneers to VDA house (Dave, Ed Steve, Tanner) thanks to MP/Canby Herald)


  • Collaborated with Main Shop for book sales grossing over $400


  • Engaged with the new Molalla Arts and Culture Committee for shared projects


  • Successful HAF!


  • Remove and break down 2 display cabinets and 2 extra fanning mills from equipment shed.


  • IDH re arrange for better displays and store access. In process


  • Plan greater level of organization for library. spread sheet vs folder organization for greater accessibility


  • Light fixture on wash house replaced (needs further work to make it up to code)


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