2017 Accomplishments

It has been a very busy and productive year for the MAHS.  Here are some of the major highlights we've made with the help of your donations in time and money.

MAHS List of Projects Completed in 2017

Made possible by many hours of volunteer work and generous donations, including the Kinsman Foundation, Ann Wellman, and

Molalla Communications


1. Dibble House

a. South wall repair completed

b. Inside painted rooms, graining in living room

c. Secured funding/contractor for roof repair, painting, and chimney replacement (work to be done in 2018)

d. Outdoor light fixture installed above kitchen door


2. Vonder Ahe House

a. Library organization: addition of partial digital Molalla Pioneer newspaper collection, more electrical outlets, more indexing and cataloging of existing records

b. Accessions room organization upstairs, including quarantine space

c. Office organization

d. Front porch repair of rotten boards, porches painted

e. Front siding repair

f. New light fixtures , all LED lights


3. Ivor Davies Hall

a. New threshold on west doorway

b. Alarm system repaired


4. Bathrooms

a. Broken pipes and fixture repairs

b. Walls painted in cubicles


5. Grounds

a. Grounds and gardens maintained

b. Began the process of replacing street signs to direct visitors to museum


6. Events

a. Courtyard Sale - a popular local event supported by item donations

b. Apple Festival, with our event signs repainted this year


7. Membership

a. Ten new members joined this year


8. History/Website

a. Street Names Project - A crowd sourced naming origins of Molalla streets

b. Self Guided Tours - An effort by Gail McCormick to document the Molalla and area historic buildings

c. Significant buildings history stories - Gail McCormick stories from her research into specific buildings

d. More photos shared on our MAHS website

e. Eby School Project - A project by Margaret Anderson Branson to document the Eby School 1909-1962


Random Photos of 2017

New light fixture! (finally)

Electrical outlets installed

Structure repairs and maintenance

Funding for new roof secured - work to begin in 2018

Private offices in Vonder Ahe house decluttered and organized

The historic Apple Festival event

The Historic Buildings Project

Dibble House south wall repairs

The Eby School Project

Dibble House interior painting and restoration

The restored Molalla Log House finds a home

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