•  William G. Masterton Building, Masterton's Garage, 110 North Molalla Avenue, 1925 – (Bentley      Feed)
  •  *William Depue Adams Building, 112-114 North Molalla Avenue, 1876 – 1909 (Tommie’s Boutique)
  •  The J. J. Tobin Building #1, The Safeway Store,104-108 North Molalla Avenue, 1937 – (Cashco – 3 units)
  •  J. D. Peterkin Building, Peterkin Welding, 118-122 North Molalla Avenue, 1929 -
  •  Oswald Marson Building, Marson's Chevrolet Garage, 203 North Molalla Avenue, 1947 – (Auto-Tech)
  •  George Blatchford House, 524 North Molalla Avenue,
  •  The Andrew Frank and Lilian Lowes House, 710 North Molalla Avenue, 1950 -
  •  George & Flora Gregory House, 900 North Molalla Avenue, 1927 -

Bentley Feed, Seed & Supply

1925. Built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, this building still houses the original business.  It is stucco with a red clay tile roof and in good condition.


The William Adams Store

1875-1880.  This unique wood frame building, built in the vernacular style, has a very interesting history.  William Adams was an early furniture maker and casket maker.  Later residents were Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, who operated a drug store on the first floor in 1885.  In 1895 the upper floor was used as a school and later H. Everhart operated a funeral business here.  The upstairs was reportedly used as a speakeasy during prohibition.  It is one of the few surviving commercial buildings that pre date the incorporation of the city in 1913.

 It now houses a beauty salon and residence.


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