•  W. C. Orcutt Building, Orcutt Drug Company, 101 East Main Street, 1945 -
  •  Molalla State Bank, 102 - 104 East Main Street, 1913 -
  •  Dicken & Company Dry Goods Store, 103-105 East Main Street, (now part of Orcutt Bldg)
  •  Robert L. Ireland Building, The Man's Shop, 106 East Main Street, 1941
  •  The Ernest Clark Building, Molalla Theatre Building, 115 East Main Street, 1947 –
  •  The Vera Wells Building, 125 - 147 East Main Street, 1944 – (Jan Electric)
  •  Harvey Newton Everhart Building, Everhart Funeral Home, 220 East Main Street, 1926 - 1947
  •  First Methodist Church, 300 East Main Street, 1905 -
  •  J. H. Bowlin Building, Bowlin Furniture Store, 1927 – (White Horse Restaurant)
  •  Oliver Williard & Anna Lily Robbins House, 523 East Main Street, 1900 - (Hoffman House)
  •  William T. Echerd House, 524 East Main Street, 1906 -  (Prairie House Inn- mailman)

The First Methodist Church of Molalla

1895. Built by Willard Robbins in the Gothic Revival style  Featuring pointed arch windowed and a shingled bell tower.  It no longer operates as a church and the original stained glass windows have been removed to the new Methodist church east of town.


Everhart Funeral Home

1926. Harvey Everhart began the undertaking business in association with his furniture store in 1913.   A horse drawn funeral coach served Molalla.  Business grew requiring the construction of this funeral home, still the only one in the area.  It is of the English Cottage style with gunite siding beneath a clipped gable.  The entry is recessed with round headed arches.


The Molalla State Bank Building

1913.  This building was the first in Molalla designed to be fireproof, located on the southeast corner of Main and Molalla, the four corners of Molalla.  It is in pictures taken during the 1913 celebration of the first train arrival in Molalla.  It is a stucco building in the Temple front form of classical architecture so popular in the early 20th century. Now it is a rental business.


The Willard Robbins Residence

1888.  This one and a half story residence, built in the vernacular style, previously housed the oldest continuous operated library (ca. 1900-1906) in Clackamas County.  Anna Lily Robbins was the founder.  Robbins was a carpenter in the Molalla area and he is believed to have built the Levi Robbins residence and barn.


The Eckard Residence

1900. Eckard was the mail carrier for the Molalla area and also operated a nursery business from his property.  The barn behind the house was the satble for the horses used in mail delivery.  This was the first house in Molalla to have water and electricity.  Built in the classic box style with a hip roof front porch, this home is in good condition.


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