2017 Board of Directors

The MAHS is managed by an Executive Board of Directors and supported by additional board director members.  Each year in December, an election is held among the voting membership of the society for new Directors.  Installation of new Directors are made in January, and are for a 1 year term.

The 2017 MAHS Board of Directors

Sharon Allen, Pat Thorsen, Suzanne McKenzie, Nona Litch, Iris Riley, Ardeth Woods, Dave Wallace,

Dave Jackson.  Not pictured: Madalene Husbands and Victoria Knight.

Executive Board of Directors

President   - Iris Riley

Vice President  - Dave Jackson

Recording Secretary  -  Pat Thorsen

Treasurer  - Nona Litch


Board Members

Ardeth Woods

Sharon Allen

Dave Wallace

Suzanne McKenzie

Madalene Husbands

Victoria Knight


Emeritus Members

Isabel Williams


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